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Supportive in-water coaching on Lake Tahoe. Perfect for kids and families.

Waterskiing is a great first introduction for kids before they learn wakeboarding or other water sports. Many of our littlest clients start off in the water, skiing on their instructor’s skis and progress to making their own starts on their own skis. In any case, we progress at the pace of each individual. An instructor works with students in the water to help them learn the mechanics of waterskiing to be able to eventually get up on their own.

For adults, we have many time-tested tools and techniques to help you lay out your perfect turn. If you’re a seasoned slalom skier or looking to progress your skills, we are well suited to help you. We have a full range of skis in various lengths, from beginner double skis to intermediate slalom skis to high performance slalom skis.

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