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Molly O.
Washington, DC

This was the third time going out with the Lake Tahoe Water Ski School and it was just as great at the first two times. The difference between this and other water ski schools is that the instructor gets out in the water with you, they don’t just yell at you from the back of the boat.

At 8am I pulled on my wet suit and walked over to the boat with my mom, sister, sister’s boyfriend, the boat driver and the instructor. The driver and the instructor were happy, funny and definitely loved what they did. I wanted to try getting up on my own this time, so I didn’t have the instructor get in the water with me. He ran through the basics and then helped me get my skis on and into the water. The boat started and I popped up! Then my sister went, same thing. Then her boyfriend went, he was wake boarding and they had great tips for him too. My mom had the instructor go in the water with her which was a great help for her since this was only her second time.

While the Lake Tahoe Water Ski School is a little bit pricier, it is definitely worth it if you want to learn how to water ski in a fun environment. All of my little cousins have gone there (ages 8, 12, and 16) and all of them can pop up on their own now. Next summer I’ll try wake boarding for the first time!

Vivian M.
Los Altos, CA

We took our 7 year old grandson to this school for 3 days in a row.  He can now get up on his own and loves to ski.  This school is the very best!  Our experiences with Scott and Heather were very pleasant and helpful.  They made this family excursion the highlight of our vacation.  This school is definitely worth the money and more.

Icarus I.
Draper, UT

Sooooo much fun!!   Everyone is happy and that makes the difference.   I would definately go back,  I don’t have anything to compair price with but I would have payed more for what I got.

Doug K.
Baltimore, MD

Best water ski experience money can buy (I have been with their competitors and they do not compare). No matter who you get as your driver or instructor or both, your time on the water will be the highlight of your trip. The people in the office are friendly and nice, and always willing to accommodate.
These people are very professional and most importantly fun for ALL AGES. Make sure to book early as the good water gets reserved fast. I have gone out with LTWSS for more times than you can imagine, and always have a good time.

Carol V.
Palm Desert, CA

Scott, Heather and all the gang are really Great…Xlnt… With kids big and small they do it all with such a nice friendly attitude of all, for years it’s been consistent fun.

This is really the best.

Maureen M.
Palo Alto, CA

Heather taught our 8 year old grandson to water ski at Tahoe.  She is a professional through and through.  It was fun; she taught him what to do using his other sports knowledge and he had a fabulous time.  We would recommend this water ski school hands down….Try it and you too will rate it a 5.